Oops! Products Limited is a company founded by two buddies, Jacky & Ricky. Before the company・s founding, they just cruised through life in Los Angeles. Life there revolved around nothing more than working daily, and playing or drinking nightly. Dull, repetitive, and predictable. Yea,...life was indeed rather boring back then. So not too long ago, they found themselves moving back to their hometown, Hong Kong, in hopes of adding some changes and spice to their lives. However, it didn・t seem any different there. Their lives were still just as droll as ever. They quickly repeated their routines from Los Angeles in Hong Kong, and realized one thing: :What was missing? What was missing that would make life more exhilarating, exciting, fascinating, and most importantly, fun? What was it that would make theirs, and everyone else・s life more interesting?

One day, they sat down together again and started talking about this topic. They wanted to create some items that would increase the lively hood of the atmosphere at home and at work. And thus, the concept of Oops! Was born onto the business market. They put all of their power and energy into designing batches of fun and useful products that would be suitable for uses at home and at work.

It started with looking around for a suitable factory that would be able to bring their designs to life, and their ideas to reality. Because they understand the fact that even good designs and ideas for a product, need good parts made of ideal material. Only the best would be used on their dreams and designs. Today, Oops! has its own factory to produce their products. The factory is located in Shenzhen, China with their own molding department, plating department as well as die-casting and stamping machinery. This helps ensure their production, and guaranties its products. Oops! harbors a group of in-house designers, engineers and R&D team to design and create fashionable, fun and practical items for everyday, and any time uses, because the goal and motto of Oops! always is :Bringing Out The Joys in Life;.

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